Fuga Mix Packs

Fuga Mix Packs


1kg of our mítico coffees in the combination that you like the most. A Pack for Specialty Coffee enthusiasts.


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Family: Agudelo Castro Family: Medina López Family: Narvaez Victoria Family: Ciro Aristizabal Fragrance: Chocolate
Lot: CCS-36-05-6-W Lot: CCS-51-06 AN Lot: CCS-2-WA-179 Lot: CQCO-17-04-EF Aroma: Chocolate and nuts
Farm: Villa Sofía Farm: La Telaraña Farm: La Azucena Farm: Alejandría Acidity: Medium.
Region: Salamina, Caldas Region: Salamina, Caldas Region: Salamina, Caldas Region: Salamina, Caldas Residual: Long.
Elevation: 1.900 m.a.s.l Elevation: 1.950 m.a.s.l Elevation: 1.850 m.a.s.l Elevation: 1.650 m.a.s.l Roast: Medium.
Variety: Caturro + Castillo Variety: Colombia + Caturro + Castillo Variety: Colombia + Caturro + Borbon Variety: Colombia + Caturro + Castillo Profile:  Coffee with notes of nuts, creamy, Chocolate.
Process: Washed. Process: anaeróbico natural Process: Fermentation 24 hours cherry 90 anaerobic. Process: Extended double fermentation + Mucilage.
Fragrance: Panela. Fragrance: Soft red fruits. Fragrance: Intense wild fruits. Fragrance: Panela Caramel, Brazil Nut.  .
Aroma: Chocolate. Aroma: Wine. Aroma: Intense wild fruits. Aroma: Panela Caramel.
Acidity: Juicy lemon. Acidity: Juicy. Acidity: Juicy. Acidity: Citrus sweet orange.
Residual: Sweet. Residual: Short. Residual: Long liquor notes. Prolonged Residual: Sweet.
Roast: Medium. Roast: Medium. Roast: Medium. Roast: Medium.
Profile: Coffee with notes of chocolate, panela, lemon, juicy sensation and nuts. Profile: Balanced coffee with notes of wine, soft red fruits, juicy acidity and short residual. Profile: Coffee with wild fruits, apple wine and floral notes.


Profile: Coffee with notes of panela, caramel, citrus and long sweet sensation.


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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 20.0 × 30.0 × 10.0 cm
Fuga Mix

Ciclamino Mix, Hera Mix, Phoenix Mix, KOM Mix, Single Mix


Ground, Whole Bean


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