Mítico Sentimiento Cafetero

Mítico Sentimiento Cafetero


The Specialty Coffee “Sentimiento Cafetero” is a delicious Blend created by small growers and developed by experts in specialty coffees.

“Sentimiento Cafetero” is a pleasant medium roast coffee with delicious notes of nuts, medium acidity and a captivating chocolate fragrance, which, honoring our Slogan ” two passions joined together”, is born not only to sharpen and delight your senses, but also to support a good cause.


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Fragrance: Chocolate
Aroma: Chocolate and nuts
Acidity: Medium.
Residual: Long.
Roast: Medium.
Profile:  Coffee with notes of nuts, creamy, Chocolate.

Support a good cause buying Mítico Sentimiento Cafetero:

When you buy a Mítico “Sentimiento Cafetero” Coffee, you are contributing to the construction of a more dignified society through sports by supporting the “Sentimiento Cafetero” training and strengthening cycling program.

The “Sentimiento Cafetero” program is committed to providing technical and financial support so that its participants, young cyclists, develop social skills to share with others from respect, solidarity and healthy coexistence. More than forming stars, integral people are formed who, from the enjoyment of physical activity, develop their physical and social capacities, without discouraging the interest in achieving high performance.

We are convinced of the power of sport as a comprehensive training scenario for children and young people where, in addition to promoting their physical development and mental health, they learn about teamwork, solidarity, respect and other fundamental values ​​for coexistence.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 6 × 24 cm

250g, 500g


Ground, Whole bean


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